How To Configure And Set Up A Printer On A Computer

Printers on computers do not function until you install the drivers and software included. If you've lost the CD that came with your printer, you can download the drivers for your printer and use them to set up your printer. Our printer drivers page provides the names of printer makers and hyperlinks to download pages. When you want to learn the latest information on printer, you must browse around IJ.START.CANON website.

What are the main differences between printers?
This page is a comprehensive guide to the entire range of printers that include Canon, DeskJet and LaserJet. This page can assist you no matter if you are using either a laser or inkjet printer.

Connecting the Canon printer and the computer
The printer can be connected to the computer using either using a USB cable or a parallel port cable. Connect the power cord to a power outlet. Today, most home printers use an USB cable similar to the one in the picture.

Switching on a printer
Once the printer is connected to the computer,, it is possible to turn off the printer by pressing the power button at the front. The power button is typically found in the upper right corner of your printer. The exact location of the button will depend on the model of printer you own. A printer that is older might have a power switch in one of its lower corners.

Setup printer and install software
After connecting your printer and activating it then you'll have to install the printer's application and drivers. Every printer should come with the software required to install the printer within Windows or the operating system you use.

After all the components are plugged in, turn on the computer.
The CD included with your printer is now installed. If the CD doesn't automatically start, open My Computer, double-click the CD drive, and after that, click the Install or Setup file. If you have downloaded the driver, you can run the downloaded setup file.
Follow the wizard to install, and once completed, your software is installed.
Test the printer to make sure it is working.

Computer without CD, DVD, or disc drive
You can download the software to your printer by visiting the manufacturer's website if your computer doesn't have a CD drive or you have lost the CD. Once the drivers are downloaded, you can run the program to install the drivers.

There aren't any drivers for my operating system.
The latest operating systems might not be compatible with all printers from the past. Windows 10 might not be capable of supporting printers that were made many years ago. Your operating system or any version of Windows might not show the printer's drivers on its driver page. You can try older versions of the operating system driver. However, for full support, consider getting a new printer.

Printers can only be installed using the driver
You can install the driver for your printer only if you want it to install and not install any other program. Follow the steps below.

Connect the printer to the Control Panel and then turn it on.
Double-click on the Printers or Printers & Fax icons on the Control Panel.
In the window for printers, click the Add a printer icon.
After you have completed the steps above after which, open the Windows Printer Wizard. Click Next to start the wizard.
Next, choose between installing a Local printer or Network printer. Click Next if the printer is directly connected to your computer.
If you're asked about the whereabouts of the driver, navigate to the directory, or refer towards the CD.

Does a printer require drivers?
Yes. For a printer to communicate and function with a operating system of the computer it needs a driver to be installed. It is possible to download a driver that is generic using your operating system in certain circumstances. However the drivers might not work with all printers.

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